Le 26/10/2015 par Agathe Soubien

SpéléŒnologie with Notre-Dame de Cousignac estate

in Ardèche (Rhône VALLEY - France) live a new experience : the SpéléŒnologie !

In Ardèche (Rhône Valley - France), Notre-Dame de Cousignac wine estate is ageing its wine in a cave.


Raphael Pommier made the - crazy - bet to bring you 80 meters under in the Grotte de Saint-Marcel-d'Ardèche to taste his organic Côtes-du-Rhône Villages wine aged about 6 months in french oak barrels. A new concept is born : the SpélŒenologie (spéléologie - potholing and œnologie - oenology).


Notre-Dame de Cousignac Estate has an environmentally responsible philosophy since its creation in 1780 with a regular soils work, no intervention and low yields. This is why it was logical to create this unusual experience.


The cave is mainly composed by limestone and brings the best conditions to age wine : a mineral setting, total darkness, a stable temperature of 14°C (57,2°F) and 80% humidity .


Book now to live this unique and unforgettable experience !


Infos :

Domaine Notre-Dame de Cousignac 07700 Bourg-Saint-Andéol +33(0)4 75 54 61 41

Escale Aventure 07220 Saint-Montan +33(0)4 75 52 54 98

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