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roasted porcini mushrooms, soft-boiled eggs and grilled chorizo

spanish cuisine

Ingredients (4 people):
16 porcini mushrooms
8 garlic cloves
12 big croutons
6 chorizo thin slices
4 very fresh eggs
Pousse de frisée
Salt pepper and olive oil

Choose firm porcini mushrooms. Peel the foot with a peeler and wipe it with a damp cloth. In a hot pan, drizzle with olive oilhe pan t. Reserve., color each side of porcini mushrooms and keep them quite firm; at the end of cooking add slices of chorizo in the pan. Reserve.

Realize a pocket with aluminum foil, add garlic cloves in it, drizzle with olive oil and salt a little, close and keep it in the oven during 1 hour at 320°F.

In a saucepan bring salty water to boil, add the white vinegar, plunge slightly the eggs and wait 5 minutes after boiling. Cool and shell immediately, reserve in a container with a little water.

In a deep plate, place elegantly roasted porcini mushrooms and then the soft-boiled eggs in the middle. Disperse some croutons, the candied garlic cloves and finish with the chorizo. Decorate with sprig of parsley and young frisée. Serve.

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